this is a blog about my words...... im not too good at it actually but i will try my best...... maybe no body even read this blog.... so i just make this blog as a masterpiece collection.....k ty...

Friday, March 26, 2010

a boring day

its a boring saturday,
no movies that worth to pay,
sleep tight till the end of the day,
so that i'll wake up and its sunday.

its a boring sunday,
there's nothing left to say,
and i'm not going to be okay,
to live like this for another day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

at the eleventh hour!!!!!!!

exam is just around the corner and i not ready yet to face all that shit......so i just want to put my old poem about exam...hope you like it......

at the eleventh hour

Exam it just around the corner,
it just keep getting sooner,
and I'm always wonder,
if I'm going to be a surveyor.

Dreams can't never be achieve,
if one always can't see,
to be better at all this,
if he never reads and studies.

I am a living legend,
that soon to be forgotten,
never keep the book burn,
never take the wrong turn.

So, what the hell, bro,
come on study at the floor,
for all the achievement that you must show,
till the break a dawn you can't slow.

so i hope all the best to all exam candidates....... good luck!!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Light Of Life

i made this poem during my practical training... i made a lot of sins at that particular time..... so i made a lot of thought making this poem ........

The light of life,

Getting dimmer and dimmer,

Enough for me,

Just to catch a glimpse of her,

When the night keep darker,

When the alley is nowhere to be seen,

It embracing the darkest and dirtiest part of me,

Craving for more wines and virgins,

Everything or anything can’t stop me,

But there are things I’m afraid,

Hearing the sound of death threaten to reach nearer,

Tearing my heart apart,

And take my soul,

It is for a greater good,

Or for a worthless end.

The light of life,

Is there some out there?

Willing to flash me again,

Stopping all my sins,

Shining my life again,

Burying my deepest and darkest pain.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Time is running out......

Before you read this post, i just want you to know that i really really don't know what am i doing...hahahaha... on9 while listening some music just makes me typing something crap...so i made some word. you can think it as a poem, lyrics or rap or something crap or whatever you want it to be....
so if you ready for it you can read it and tell me what you think...


My time is running out,

a lot of transgression that I am not proud,

a lot of good things just in my thought...

but only dreadful thing that makes everything right.

make me desire to commit suicide,

what the worst that I could said....

things so much better if I dead..

My time is running out....

but I never give a damn what its all about,

mistake turn everything upside down,

from dawn till dusk I’m with my crown,

with all the sins that I have done,

from time to time it cramping my mind,

heaven and hell know that I have cross the line,

waiting on my world to change,

so I can keep up before the world end.

My time is running out,

but still, nothing occur to me to made something right,

please, please and please!!!!

Hope there are somebody teaching me how to fight,

In the battlefield of sin and virtue,

Where all the thoughts come true,

And I can turn myself back to the line of truth.


so.... hows my word... it is dashing or what!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

another dull and rainy night

it night, boring and raining cats and dogs and i just got nothing to do, that's when i make some poem. i just don't have some power verb to have a good poem, i think this should do just fine. even i dunno why i write a poem about dawn. huhuhuu

Dawn comes before morning,

Start to shine for awakening,

In the bed we are still lying,

Or someone even snoring,

Hearing the azan for praying,

That’s what dawn is doing,

Dawn comes after night,

Chicken start to have a sight,

It when the street starts to light,

Clubber didn’t have the right,

To stay dance all night,

That’s when guts make a fight,

The police come and make it bright,

Blaming the dawn for the quick night.

Friday, January 15, 2010

at last!!!!!!!

I've been waiting to make this blog for a long time...... i dont have enough material to start it... so after i have made so many poem since i 13... so i decide to put it on blog... because my dad also have a collection of poem but he never publish it.... so i think you should know that this blog is about poem....... so without further ado... i Arif Elnur Bin Yusof i start this blog of voices and words......duh....
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