this is a blog about my words...... im not too good at it actually but i will try my best...... maybe no body even read this blog.... so i just make this blog as a masterpiece collection.....k ty...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

another dull and rainy night

it night, boring and raining cats and dogs and i just got nothing to do, that's when i make some poem. i just don't have some power verb to have a good poem, i think this should do just fine. even i dunno why i write a poem about dawn. huhuhuu

Dawn comes before morning,

Start to shine for awakening,

In the bed we are still lying,

Or someone even snoring,

Hearing the azan for praying,

That’s what dawn is doing,

Dawn comes after night,

Chicken start to have a sight,

It when the street starts to light,

Clubber didn’t have the right,

To stay dance all night,

That’s when guts make a fight,

The police come and make it bright,

Blaming the dawn for the quick night.

Friday, January 15, 2010

at last!!!!!!!

I've been waiting to make this blog for a long time...... i dont have enough material to start it... so after i have made so many poem since i 13... so i decide to put it on blog... because my dad also have a collection of poem but he never publish it.... so i think you should know that this blog is about poem....... so without further ado... i Arif Elnur Bin Yusof i start this blog of voices and words......duh....
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