this is a blog about my words...... im not too good at it actually but i will try my best...... maybe no body even read this blog.... so i just make this blog as a masterpiece collection.....k ty...

Friday, March 26, 2010

a boring day

its a boring saturday,
no movies that worth to pay,
sleep tight till the end of the day,
so that i'll wake up and its sunday.

its a boring sunday,
there's nothing left to say,
and i'm not going to be okay,
to live like this for another day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

at the eleventh hour!!!!!!!

exam is just around the corner and i not ready yet to face all that shit......so i just want to put my old poem about exam...hope you like it......

at the eleventh hour

Exam it just around the corner,
it just keep getting sooner,
and I'm always wonder,
if I'm going to be a surveyor.

Dreams can't never be achieve,
if one always can't see,
to be better at all this,
if he never reads and studies.

I am a living legend,
that soon to be forgotten,
never keep the book burn,
never take the wrong turn.

So, what the hell, bro,
come on study at the floor,
for all the achievement that you must show,
till the break a dawn you can't slow.

so i hope all the best to all exam candidates....... good luck!!!!!!

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