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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Am I Ready

 today is my first paper
i got no clue which paper
and totally not ready to answer
whatever given by the lecturer
and this is my last semester

am i lazy
am i bussy
am i sexy hahaha
or even crazy
nah... i'm just not ready
to face the world of working zombie
that eating my own brainy hihi
i am not ready
waking up daily
get yell and scold by everybody
that i am not doing the work properly

i am a free crow
flying like there's no tomorrow
having fun like there no law
this is how i want to grow
not this life of sorrow
the life that i want to throw

but i have lost so many money
given by my parent to study
hoping that one day i be somebody
i need to be that somebody
to make them proud of me
than, i can get my degree
i need to be ready
i need to be ready
now.. i am ready

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